Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wild ch.103 appeared !

After a long wait (sorry guys...)

Here's ch.103:

HQ   -   LQ

pw: emeraudeworks




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    1. I'm honoured :)
      To the next chapter!! (*batman scene change music*)

  2. awesome work guys
    thx a lot

  3. Thank you! Btw, is the hand icon from the cursor and a stop icon supposed to be there in the middle of page 19 of the HQ edition?

  4. ooops... it's there because pages 05-08-11-12-13-15-19-21-22 are ripped from the online preview, but i don't know why my mouse was there -.- well... consider it a strange watermark XD

    1. different thing is the one on page 13, that was just left there because it's fun ;)

    2. A strange watermark!?! A strange one, Indeed!

      As for the unlucky position of them, I would say they hinder the reading experience from being the best. Watermarks are fine, but to give the best reading experience, meaning the watermarks are not to eye-catching, they need to be placed in a discreet manner around the pages, 1) not in the parts where the story are drawn, 2) and not with an opacity set to high, when placed!

      As for the type of watermark... I thought they were meant to represent the group doing the work of scanlating/translating the chapter in question, and not something completely unassociated with the group doing the work (in question).
      A logo, representing the group or something similar, which can represent and make people identify the source/group is ... well ... is highly preferred. BUT a mouse-icon !?! I have a hard time finding any relevance, other than I was annoyed, when i read the chapter.
      - Use a logo of some sort if watermarks are to be used and not some gibberish, which does not identify Emeraude as the source/group in any way!


      On to the current chapter comment:
      A Great Piece of Work! And highly appreciated. All the work you guy(s) do! Fantastic!
      And I am gonna look forward to the next one, or the one after that... Aio Kazuya meeting his grandfather, Dr. Aio Gengo. All the family relations the Aio family has are still a mess, as to who Kazuya's parents where, and the releationship the Aio family might have (or not) had with Maria Lancelot. I hate to wait, but respect the author doing it! Why else would we read his story, if it was to read the next chapter, because we want to know the Whole Story, and are not satisfied with only knowing part of it..!

    3. well, those 2 "watermarks", are just errors, not cleaned errors, so not really watermarks.
      Emeraude's watermark was always the text "emeraudemanga" on only few pages.
      As said before "take it as a strange watermark", it's an error, won't happen again, just didn't see it when editing....
      for next ch, I'm actually at page 8 of ch 104...
      see ya!! and thanks for following :)

  5. No need to be sorry, figured when it came it'd be the same great quality as always. Thanks for the release~

  6. Thanks man .. Have been dying for this release ever-since 102 .

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  8. Been a follower for about a month now, great work! Thank you so much.

    Quick question, by when you say comic Valkyrie is released bimonthly, is that twice a month or once every two months?

  9. Thank you!! :>

    Comic Valkyrie is released on the 27th every two month:
    this one was released on 27/07/2012, the previous one 27/05, etc...