Monday, August 6, 2012

Watashi no namae wa...

Not yet new chapters (working working working ...)
but a review/correction for the previous 3 chapters,
from 100 to 103, regarding the name of one of the Valkyries

Here's an explanation pic:
mmmm..... reading it now is a bit "disordered"...
so, I post here the text
well . . .
i’ve seen a lot of discussions about the real name
or correct interpretation of the italian valkyrie’s name
since the release of chapter 100
. . .
the main “battle” was between my Tenacia
(translated after the kanji of her presentation in ch.100,
i mean "te-i-na-chi-a = fu-e-ra-ri" -> Tenacia Ferrari)
and Theatiner/s, result, according to what I read,
of an historical research on an italian monastic order.

the author and comic-valkyrie
(the magazine on which Freezing is published)
came to our help:
in fact, on
in the characters section, there’s this:
the name here is:
te-i-chi-a-na = fu-e-ra-ri
this, finally, solves the problem,
her true name is:

Tiziana Ferrari

(i will now review all the deviations with the wrong name,
and the credit pages for ch.103-107;
corrections on ch.100-102 will be made on the volume
repack release, for the end of august i think)
. . .

oh yes,
the complete translation of that little pic says:

Tiziana Ferrari
The Valkyrie representative of Italy.
She’s very timid, but she’s also
the oldest/more experienced Valkyrie”

P.S.: There is also a page in Comic Valkyrie vol.39,
before the first page of Chapter 103,
with a scheme featuring the various characters.
Here, we can find this picture:

The translation is the same as the other one.
You can view it on the online preview, at page 29:


  1. Aww Em thanks for going through all the trouble. I know there are some people out there that will flame you for the mistake but honestly either way I won't remember their name :p I suck at them!

  2. Lol em you shouldn't have gone through all that troubles i don't believe most people will care about a simple mistake but still thank you for your hard work

  3. I hope you will forgive me for my translation pickniess, but on the last page in the valkyrie report thing, 気が弱い means timid, not dumb. The description reads more like "Italian representative. Even though she is the most senior of the Valkyries, she has a timid personality."

    thanks man (or should I say guys? Is this a group?), appreciate your work.

    1. man, you are right!
      I haven't read it carefully, my bad...
      Well, time to cerrect again!!!
      Thanks for your interest! :)