Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vol.15 Cover

Here's Vol.15 Cover:

See You Next Time !!


  1. Is it possible for you to share a HQ version of the Volume 15 cover? Or is a HQ version of the cover going to be in the next chapter release?

    (NB: I like the fact, you release a HQ and LQ version of your scans, as I can enjoy the reading experience better on the large screen I have. Not many groups do this, keep it going and differentiate yourself from the rest of the field! )

    1. HQ will be in volume repack :)
      thanks for following and compliments !!!! *v*

  2. hi first and foremost A BIG THANKS for sharing this great manga...ive been browsing your website & reluctantly been waiting for your update since ive been a fan of works done by im dal young (though in most of his works he stops 1 manga then makes another 1 stops again & makes another one some are like aflame inferno or the legend of maian )...anyway thanks for the uploads & have a great day