Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Freezing vol.27 + Reminiscence!

Hi everyone!

Freezing volume 27 will be available starting from March 3, 2015.
And there will be Kazuha on the cover!

(click to enlarge to ~2000x3000)

A new Freezing Artbook will be also released the same day,

(click to enlarge to ~2000x3000)




  1. Maria be praised!!

    Finally a cover from the original series with Kazuha!! I was tired that I could not have the Freezing Zero here in my country, but now I know that it will be released a volume of the original series with Kazuha in the front cover...
    I can't help but smile all the way!!

    Thanks for the news, EM! Good news, indeed!

    And, as always, cheers from Brazil!!

  2. Do you have cover number 27 with the EmeraudeManga text at the side?

    1. Yes, of course. :)
      Here it is:
      Sorry to ask, why do you want it? I thought my logo was simply undesired...

  3. Can you upload the full large covers in mediafire, please?

    Because I don't see the links for download the images in 2000x3000

  4. Hey Emeraude have you ever played this game yet called Freezing Extension it just came out last December. How I downloaded it was from the Asian app called QooApp but right now I'm playing the Korean version of it and the Japanese version just came out couple days ago and I'm really liking this game so much it's right of the manga.