Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapter 108 - Let's pay a visit to...

Hi !

here's chapter 108 !

edit(23/12/2012, 8.29 gmt): added test mirror

edit(11.26 gmt): added ch108 ita with mirrors


as always

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108_ENG ->   HQ   -   LQ   -   PDF

108_ENG_mirror ->   HQ   -   LQ  -

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108_ITA ->   HQ   -   LQ   -   PDF

108_ITA_mirror ->       HQ   -   LQ  -

currently adding mirror...

and now, i seriously need to sleep -.-

See Ya !!



  1. MF says it's corrupted or something.

    1. Download of the zip files isn't working but the pdf file is working so get that instead.

      Funny enough, because of that I'm not seeing Freezing on any manga aggregation site when usually they have it within 10mins of it being up here :p

  2. Active download is blocked for both HQ and LQ. Please help

  3. Awesome, thanks a lot Emeraude!!

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  5. Damn m_fire -.-... here works -.- try to copy the link and paste it in the address bar, this many solved past problems

  6. p.s.-> found out an interesting thing: chrome and opera are unable to get you to dl the file, showing that error message. Firefox and Safari works fine. At least here...
    Let me know if this helped!

  7. using firefox doesn't work
    I think the only solution is depositfiles

  8. added mirror, this should work...
    let me know if it works!

  9. it doesnt work. archive blocked.

    1. Dropbox mirrors are working great, the idiot who said the 'archive is blocked' obviously didn't read your post in full.

      Might I say though thank you for releasing, and continuing to release this great series, and I have a question if you don't mind haha.

      With comic Valkyrie, how many chapters of Freezing are released per comic Valkyrie release? I have been getting mixed answers from friends, I have read that 6 or so have been released with Octobers issue but is this out of the norm or is it going to continue?

      On another note if you ever need help (such as a proof reader or anything else) I would be glad to help you if you ever need it.

    2. thank you very much for following and for your compliments :)
      Anyway, addressing someone as an idiot just because he/she encountered an error is not really kind:
      It's true, the problem was solved, it was just about reading the edited post, you're right with this, but...
      At least i'm glad dbox works (yay!)...
      Maybe someday I'll find out what's wrong with mfire...

      Answers answers!:
      In Comic Valkyrie there are usually 5-6 chapters, this release, as you can read in the last page of ch108, there are 6 of them, 108-113.
      However this was the story until now, starting with next release ComicValkyrie will be an online magazine.
      I've still not really clear what this will mean for scans...
      (p.s. next release coming on 27th of november)

      Again, thank you very mcuh :)

      EM -> back to work (bye!!)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Reworded my deleted comment.

      I'd heard about the switch for Comic Valkyrie to an online magazine as well. Hopefully their new system won't affect future releases, as I just wish they can make the quality of the scans match what you have. Because from what I understand you either get the magazine yourself and scan it or get raws from some mystery place ;3 and clean them.

      Great work on this chapter as always by the way.

    5. uhm, to tell the truth i couldnt find the dbox link yesterday... there were only 3 kinds... i think EM hid the dbox link.. >_> i even reloaded the page more than 3x. anyway i tried again now and dbox is disabled (as said in first post). so sad. now i have to go to each page in the manga reader and save each page one by one.

    6. @MacabreDevil:
      I think it'll be structured like the current online preview, showing one chapter for manga, with the option to buy the access to other chapters -.-
      Anyway we'll see, i don't know what will happen.

      As you noticed, every dl was manually disabled.
      Sorry 'bout that. Anyway i hope this is just temporary, thank you for your understanding.


  10. yeah!!! its in pdf formate arigatou !!!

  11. I don't know it was only with me, but even dropbox is not working. Can you upload it again?

    1. Working to fix the problem, for now dl are disabled indefinitely.


  12. looks like filehosting sites are deleting files fast now a days all the LQ english download links are dead :(

    can you use this alternative hosting sites
    maybe this 2 filehost will not delete files so fast

    thanks for reading EM!!!

    1. Since the up of ch.108 there were many hosting problems,
      forcing me to disable every link.
      As said above, i'm working on it :)

      thank you :)