Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ch.78 is here... ( enjoy ;) ! )
pw: emeraudeworks


  1. Your credit picture said it all.

    Massive props for all the great work you're doing, thank you very much :)

  2. Awesome work guys

  3. you'll se the next one *_* ih ih ih....


  4. p06 but you are his. --> there is a "."
    p06 dows-->does
    p07 ridiculus--> ridicoulus

    1. I noticed that is, are you italian?
      also, you are doing a great job! thanks for the chapters

    2. Our uploader (emeraude) is, and takes care of the site for us. thank you very much! Ex

    3. Did you guys need proofreaders? I have noticed a lot of typos/errors in the chapters you guys produce. Nothing that makes the chapters unreadable, but certainly noticeable. For instance:
      Page 2, bottom left panel, Suna responds with
      "Of course not, how could I know?", the more appropriate response would be:
      "Of course not, how would I know?"

      A more glaring error comes in the next page (Page 3) in the bottom right panel, the limiter replies with:
      "We are almost arrived" when the more appropriate term would be:
      "We have almost arrived"

      The panel on the same page, left bottom corner should read "The Mably family's report" rather than without the "the".

      I could keep going, but those two are fairly prime examples in the first three pages.

  5. Two days and a new release??? Even with a couple errors, that is awesome speed guys and gals!! You are spoiling those of us who used to wait months for a single chapter of Freezing!

    Do you know what manga you'll be tackling after this one?

    1. well, we didn't think about that yet, there's still much to do with freezing... some mispell is because of the hurry... sorry..